Working in an office can be stressful and downright boring. On the plus side, some offices can be just as entertaining as anything ripped right out of the hit TV show “Workaholics.” Such was the case when viewers were captivated by one office worker who gave a play-by-play on the search for a lunch thief who has been plaguing their workplace.

Zak Toscani took to his Twitter account to share a comical office story: Who stole the shrimp fried rice? The incident was captured on Thursday after Toscani and his co-workers began noticing that their lunches were being stolen.

This has apparently been happening for quite some, but things reached the boiling point when one of Toscani’s co-workers had his lunch stolen from the fridge.

“Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they’ve agreed to let him watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited I’ve ever been at any job ever. Ever,” his first tweet on the matter read.


After the angry co-worker came back from looking at the security camera, Toscani claimed his co-worker looked steaming mad.

According to Toscani, the woman who stole the man’s lunch sits right next to him in the office. Fortunately, the culprit left early that day and was gone before the investigation started.

As if matters couldn’t get any worse, the woman in question didn’t even eat the food. Instead, she buried it in the trash and walked away.

The following Tweet read: “In lieu of what he saw on the tape he has decided to not to press the matter anymore. I can’t say I blame him. We don’t know what this women’s fully capable of.”

When the woman came to work the next day, Toscani said it was dead silent. Human Resources sent an email out reminding people not to take lunches that are not theirs.

In turn, the woman sat down at her desk and read the email from HR. After reading the email, the woman said out loud: “Woah. Someone stole a lunch? Who would do something like that?”


Eventually, the woman figures out that the email was actually directed towards her. She tells the man, “oh, that was your lunch? Well why would you go to HR about that!?”


To try and amend the torn relationship between the man and the lunch thief, Toscani ordered three shrimp fried rices. They still don’t even know why she threw the lunch away.

In one of the last tweets, Toscani wrote, “She took the fried rice from me with a big smile on her face. She’s eating it and loving it. This is utter ruthless.”


If there is one moral to this story it would be: Never steal a co-worker’s lunch. And if they do, bring the wrath of God down upon them to make sure this never happens again. Oh, and make sure to document the incident each step of the way.

Source: The Tribunist

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