When a woman was approached by the Morality Police, a group that enforces the stringent religious dress code present in the country, she didn’t just stand idly by when they criticized her for wearing western clothing. Instead, she confronted the three hijab-wearing policewomen, asserting her right to “wear whatever I like” as she fights them off.

Footage of the incident shows the unnamed woman being approached by the trio policewomen at the Darzaveh Zowlat subway station located in Tehran, Iran, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The woman declares, “I will wear whatever I like. It’s none of your business. You aren’t my parents,” as she begins chasing the policewomen down the platform.

During the confrontation, the woman even kicks one of the female officers, sending the policewoman fleeing. The woman screams, “You’ve corrupted this society with your ways!”

One of the policewomen shouts back, referring to the woman as a “b****.”

Eventually, a male metro officer gets involved in the altercation, telling the morality policewomen, “You shouldn’t intervene.”

This isn’t the first incident where the Iranian morality police have been filmed while attempting to enforce the strict religious dress code.

Last month, footage of a woman being beaten by a group of agents was captured. The morality police had deemed the woman’s red headscarf as providing “insufficient” coverage.”

In February, 29 women were arrested by Iranian police after they appeared in public without wearing headscarves, a defiant move meant to protest the strict dress codes that have been in place since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

After the revolution, hijabs and loose-fitting attire were made mandatory for all women in the country.

Recently, Iranian women have also taken to social media, posting pictures of themselves without their headscarves.

The potential punishment for women who show their hair in public is a jail sentence of up to two months and a fine equivalent to $25.

Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president and a cleric who is viewed as a moderate within the country, has openly criticized the morality police for their use of brutal tactics when attempting to address those failing to meet the dress code’s standards.

The police force asserts they are “promoting virtue and preventing vice.”

Rouhani has warned that “grabbing people’s collars to promote virtue will not work.”

“You cannot do it by being aggressive.”


Source: The Tribunist

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