A woman reached out to an online forum looking for advice after discovering that her husband may have cheated her. After returning home from a business trip, the husband found his debit card was missing. The wife contacted the hotel to look for it, only to learn that they have “her” necklace.

The wife said that her husband heading out of town for business wasn’t uncommon but, after finding a sign that he may have cheated on her, she jumped on an online forum at Mumsnet to seek our advice.

According to an article on Dearly, the woman’s husband discovered that his debit card was missing just days after the trip, calling her in a panic and asking if he’d left it at home.

The woman contacted the hotel her husband stayed at to see if they had discovered any left behind items. To her surprise, the receptionist said, “Oh mrs X you must be calling about your necklace, we found it in the bathroom how lucky for you it would have been such a shame to lose such lovely pearls.”

After the revelation, the woman said she “went sort of numb.” Then, she asked the receptionist to mail the necklace to her home.

Once it arrived, the wife said they were “a beautiful string of real pearls,” likening them to “something a queen would wear.” She placed the necklace in a dresser drawer, leaving them in place for nearly a month before writing on the forum.

“I haven’t said a word about it to him,” she said. “Whenever I think about it I get all dizzy and feel I might be sick but I don’t know why, it’s been a long time since I’ve had any suspicions about him. I don’t know if I want to know but it’s making me crazy. I also don’t know if I could break up our family, the thought makes me want to vomit.”

She admitted that she and her husband had worked through him “kissing another woman” before as well as a time when “he sent some flirty texts” to coworkers. However, she noted, “It was years ago.”

Other forum users urged the woman to recognize the situation for what it was, encouraging her to “confront him and kick him out.”

Over time, the wife’s courage grew, and she kept the forum informed. After expressing that she was hesitant to confront her husband because of their “comfortable life together,” increasing stress levels led to “crippling headaches.”

She started by digging into the family’s finances, especially since her husband stated that they needed to “tighten their belts” because of recent bills. She also went through his drawers while he was at a friend’s home, discovering “disgusting” items.

“The other woman’s things I’m guessing and he has a whole other bank account where he’s withdrawing hundreds of [British] pounds at a time,” she said.

After the discovery, the woman took her children and went to stay with her mother and received an outpouring of support from the forum.

When her husband called her to discuss dinner that night, she told him to “use his fancy other bank account to buy himself something nice.” Her husband became angry after the confrontation.

“I hung up on him and he started calling and calling and when I didn’t pick up he rang my mother and obviously tried to make out I was having some kind of crisis,” the woman wrote. “She was ice cold with him and said she’d seen it all with her own eyes and if he tried to come round she’d call the police.”

She ultimately filed for divorce and received continued support from other forum users along the way.

Source: The Tribunist

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