This looks like one of those moments in life that someone might want to do over. The boulder is a seriously large chunk of rock. The small Ford Ranger, a sporty little pickup truck, isn’t built for jobs like this. Yet someone thought that the truck would be sufficient for hauling the piece of stone and they proceeded to test that hypothesis.

It didn’t go well. And the truck isn’t going anywhere, now. Not without a serious trip to the mechanic.

The video is funny, though, for those of us who don’t own the truck. The truck’s owner can be heard in the background of the video. Ironically, he seems overly concerned about the skid-steer loader hitting the side of the truck as he lowers the boulder.

He keeps offering instructions on where the bucket should be in relation to the bed. Backseat drivers, as they are, can’t see what’s about to happen.

The boulder is sizable. When it falls into the bed, onto the nicely prepared pallet, it does so with a distinct crunch. That’s it for the axle.

The Ranger is clearly not built for that kind of weight. Even if they had been able to get the rock into the bed, there is no easy way to get it out. The whole effort appears to be poorly planned and even more poorly executed.

Yet the video is amusing. A word of warning–the language in the video is rather colorful. Those easily offended by expletives might want to mute the video.

Yet the sound of the boulder crushing the truck is worth it.

Source: The Tribunist

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