Member of Patriot Prayer explains how his friend was ‘hunted down’ and shot in Portland by a suspected member of antifa.

The man stated, “What happened last night? A lot of things happened last night. A lot of people came out to express themselves, express their beliefs. We have the First Amendment in this country. We got a First Amendment that protects our natural right. And for whatever reason, seems to be this opposition that thinks we can’t do that. And they have been attacking us for years, really for decades in the grand scheme, but very heavily in Portland, especially for the last 95 days. Last night, it escalated to the point that, they executed my partner.”

Antifa called for ‘reinforcements’ in Portland just before the shooting and urged viewers to ‘be dangerous’

The unidentified antifa person stated, “Hey, guys. So there is a big protest in D.C. or in the JC right now in Portland. We’re not there. We’re in D.C., but they need bodies now over at the justice center in Portland. So if you guys are in Portland, you get this message, make it down to the Justice Center. They need help now. So this is our time. This is the time to take a stand. We can’t be there. So we need people to go out and stand for us. So please head down to the Justice Center now. We need you. We’re all in this together, guys. Stay strong. Stay safe. Be dangerous.”

TRENDING: Portland Mayor Refuses Federal Help, Then Blames Riots On Trump (VIDEO)

The Patriot Prayer member continued, “They hunted him down. They hunted us down. They recognize our Patriot Prayer hats. So they identified our hats. We’ve got a couple of them right here. Got a couple of them right here. Pull it out. Pull it out. And I turn around. I didn’t even, it didn’t even register that somebody was pointing a gun at us until the shots went off, took off running. The shooter took off running, and you know-. It takes a second for you to process everything that happened, you know. Did he just shoot at me? OK, I’m OK. Turned over and Jay’s dead. Because he believed something different. A bullet in the chest.

He was then asked, “If you need to ask anything right now to Donald Trump, what would it be?”

The Patriot Prayer member answered, “Send troops. Arrest these-. Portland is as corrupt as any place you’ve ever seen, any place you’ve ever heard about in the movies. I have a friend sitting right behind me here who’s being charged currently with a felony riot while the D.A. is letting all these actual rioters out on the street. He was just out there waving an American flag. It’s been charges pending for 2 years. But somebody who’s throwing explosive devices at the police. Somebody when I went to the hospital and I met a Homeland Security Officer who is there because his buddy had caught mortar round in the chest. It burned right through his uniform, he got third-degree burns, burns all over his torso. Those people are being let go. While Christians and conservatives and anybody who isn’t, whatever their Hitler esque idea of a perfect world is, is being chastised and being hunted.”

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Riots have engulfed Portland for the last several months and the governor and mayor have refused any kind of federal aid to restore peace.

The man continued, “More people are going to die. If we don’t get a handle on this, more people are going to die. If we don’t get rid of these Ted Wheelers and these Kate Browns and this city councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty, who antagonizes these people and underhandedly provoke violence on social media. I think it was planned. I think they were looking for somebody to hurt. I think they are looking for somebody just like us who was down there unprotected, who didn’t go and bring guns because we’re not-. We didn’t have the intention to kill people. I turn to check on my partner, and he’s on the ground. I asked. I said his name, I asked him if he was OK.

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