Wow.  Charles Payne really hit the nail on the head with this one.

During a passionate rant on Fox Business, Charles Payne called out all the Wall Street billionaires who are outraged that stock traders on Reddit have driven up the stock price of GameStop.

“All of this whining by Wall Street is making me sick!” exclaimed Payne.

“You can’t allow Wall Street to short sell 75% of a stock and nobody says anything, crush these companies into the dirt, and then when the individual investor makes money, everyone’s up in arms!

“If they want to change the rules of the game now that the general public is making money after decades of the shorts crushing thousands of stocks into the dirt, I have watched stocks completely to zero, and no one ever whispered anything because those stocks didn’t have Wall Street sponsorships.

“You have to accept the fact that individual investors are playing the same game that you’re playing, and now you’re losing!”

Click the video below to watch Charles Payne SLAM crybaby billionaires:


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