Black Lives Matter protestors in Pittsburgh marched through the streets and entered restaurants to harass staff and customers.

One BLM activists with a megaphone said to customers, “You are an embarrassment! Since you are all a bunch of racists. This is how you’re treated!”

Another BLM activists said to an elderly couple, “F**k Trump! And F**k the White people that built that system sitting and smiling. You old d**k!”

Other activists walked closer and took a drink of the couples beverage and continued with their chants as well as breaking glass cups on the ground.

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Some of the same BLM activists appeared inside of a McDonald’s harassing its employees and customers, yelling through a megaphone chanting.

They chanted and responded, “Who did this? Activists!”

An activist said, “There’s somebody in a wheelchair that you need to let out. You need to let out her in the wheelchair there.”

The activist with the megaphone then got into the face of the store managing yelling and the manager asked not to touch him.

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The manager said, “Don’t put your hands on me. You’re gonna have to go outside. Don’t put your hands on me no more! People can’t get through right here!”

The activist was seen in the way of the manager from going to the back of the counter saying, “I’m not moving.”

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