Mayor Lovely Warren said, “Good afternoon. I am confirming that Chief La’Ron Singletary today announced his retirement along with Commando Morabito. I want to thank Chief Singletary and Commander Morabito for their service and we appreciate them. I want to assure our Rochester community that the Rochester Police Department will continue to serve and protect our residents and our neighborhoods. Chief Singletary will remain in charge of the department through the end of the month, and I know that he and the officers will fulfill their duties. We have spoken about maintaining our restraint regarding the ongoing protests and ask all involved to remain peaceful.”

The command staff and chief of police in Rochester, New York resigned following protests after footage of the arrest of Daniel Prude was released.

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A written statement released by Singletary read, “The mischaracterization of the actions that I took after being informed of Mr. Prude’s death is not based on facts and is not what I stand for.”

An assistant principal at a Rochester school posted a video that rallied against the Rochester police at the protest.

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The assistant principal stated, “It’s Steve Lysenko, President of the local chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education. In an act of protest this evening, we marched west on Court Street. And we didn’t do anything but chant and sing all the way, half-way across the bridge. At which point we met the Rochester Police Department. And guess what happened? Our peacekeepers ended up shooting pepper spray at us for singing and chanting and telling them what a shitty ass job they were doing. They can f*** right off, America. F*** the police. F*** Rochester Police Department. Thank you.”

The school has place him on leave following the video.

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