Aluminum foil is often considered a staple for cooking, leading it to find a home in almost every modern kitchen. But one trend is showing that this standard household item can be transformed into something that most people wouldn’t expect, a shiny orb constructed from the material, and it doesn’t take many tools to do it yourself.

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The Japanese trend gained a level of notoriety after videos of the process began appearing on YouTube. While it doesn’t take many tools to complete the process, it does take a lot of time.

A YouTuber named SKYtomo shared his process for creating the orbs in a video.

He begins with an entire box of aluminum foil, rolling the material until it forms a ball that is roughly spherical in shape.

Then, he takes a hammer and uses it to compress the orb, reducing it to a fraction of its former size. The process is time-consuming and is sped up in the video for time.

While the aluminum foil is then in the proper shape, it doesn’t have the brilliant sheen he ultimately hopes to obtain. This is where a substantial amount of elbow grease is required.

To end up with a shiny surface, the ball needs to be sanded. You need multiple grits to achieve the final look, starting with 400 and ending with 2,000, with numerous other grits falling in between.

Most of the sanding is done while holding the aluminum ball under a steady stream of water.

The orb also needs to be finished with a polishing cream and a soft cloth to really bring out its brilliance.

With enough patience and the right materials, anyone can replicate the process and likely achieve similar results.

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Source: The Tribunist

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