Looking for a faster internet connection? You may be in luck. Cloudfare has launched a new Domain Name System (DNS) service that is faster than any other DNS service currently available. Not only that, the new service also makes a bold promise: it protects your browsing history and keeps it safe.

“Cloudflare, known primarily for DDoS mitigation, launched DNS resolver and on Sunday,” Gizmodo writes, “and, at time of writing, analytics show it processing queries at 14.01ms, officially making it in the internet’s fastest DNS resolver.”

Those of us who remember the days of dial-up may think the net is already clipping along, but 14.01ms is significantly faster than the next fastest service, which is processing queries at 20.6ms.

“While being a few milliseconds faster might not seem like a big deal, since DNS is the foundation of everything online, whenever you click on a link, or send an email, or open a mobile app, almost every action you take requires as DNS lookup,” Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince told Gizmodo. “So those milliseconds add up pretty quickly.”

Prince went on to talk more about the privacy concerns.

“Just at a policy level, Cloudflare’s business has never been advertising or selling consumer data. As we started to talk to various browser manufacturers and others about what we were doing, they would come back and say, ‘Well, we don’t want you to retain logs for any longer than a week, we don’t want you selling any of the data.’ And I think they were kind of surprised when we returned back and said, ‘Actually, we prefer never to write any personally identifiable information to disk and guarantee that we’ll wipe all of the transactional logs and bug tracking logs within 24 hours.’”

That’s bold talk. Prince has taken it one step further and assured users and partners that the promises will be backed by an external monitor.

Why is this such a concern? “The FCC under Chairman Pai changed the rules in the United States for ISPs allowing ISPs to start selling your browsing history to target advertising against you,” Prince explained to Gizmodo. “I think we’ve spent enough time worrying about how Google and Facebook get all of our data. I don’t want to worry about AT&T and Time Warner and Comcast as well.”

Want to make the switch? Gizmodo has provided a detailed list of instructions for Windows, Mac OS, iPhone and Android users. Check it out.

Source: The Tribunist

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