President Trump’s constituency is calling for boycotts of Walmart after the massive retail behemoth began selling “Impeach 45” apparel. The clothing is for sale on its website and offers a clear message for those who want to see the president stripped of power. Just how powerful will the outrage of Walmart’s loyal following be for its bottom line?

“There are several versions of the shirt up for sale on the retailer’s website,” The Daily Mail writes.

As expected, reaction on social media has been polarized.

Some are even calling on boycotts.

Others, not so much.

As the mail notes, it is hardly the first time the retailer has faced criticism for its product offerings. “For example, back in November, Walmart had to take down a bunch of shirts that read ‘Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED’ following backlash for the threatening message.”

“A month later, the store also took down several ‘Black Lives Matter’ products when the National Fraternal Order of Police complained about the corporation ‘profiting from racial division’.”

The new shirts calling for impeachment are from a subcontractor for Walmart called “Old Glory.” While their message is obviously anti-Trump, there are numerous products for sale at Walmart that are supportive of Trump.

Will Walmart cave to either side? That remains to be seen. As many have pointed out in their tweets, this is clearly a freedom of speech issue, yet it has made many loyal Americans very unhappy.

Source: The Tribunist

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