Cell phone video has captured the climax of a road rage attack. There’s not much information about what started the fight, but the ending is clear. The man in what appears to be a security guard’s uniform fires a gun into the cab of the red pickup. As the ruck tries to speed away, the man fires again.

The incident occurred in Houston. John Onyeri, a security guard, is the man doing the shooting.

“In a video posted on Facebook by witness Sol Uresti,” The Daily Mail writes, “the attacker is seen arguing with the driver of a red Ford truck.”

Onyeri pulls a gun and appears to fire at the other driver. He now claims that he was shooting at the truck’s tires to keep it from fleeing.

The truck had bumped his car. When he got out to talk to the truck’s driver, the two argued. Onyeri says he reached in to take the man’s insurance papers and that he rolled up the window on his hand.

“I put my hand in there, and then he rolled the glass, I see the glass, and I say let my hand go,” said Onyeri. He was identified and interviewed by the Houston ABC affiliate.

Onyeri says he was shooting at the tire, not the driver. “On the tire, because he was running away,” said Onyeri. “He was trying to get away, yes. I didn’t shoot him, I was shooting at the tire.”

He fired into the truck from point-blank range, but didn’t hit the driver. The security guard then fired three more times before getting into a silver car.

Houston police have spoken to the driver of the red truck, and are investigating the incident.

“Leo De La Fuente, who also witnessed the attack, said passengers in his vehicle told him to pull out his phone as the incident started to unfold,” The Mail writes.

“We saw them arguing, and he tells me to pull out my phone. So I pulled it out and start recording. And sure enough, something happens,” De La Fuente said.

Source: The Tribunist

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