On Friday, President Donald Trump announced that, in response to the recent chemical weapons attack, a precision strike was being launched against “targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator of Bashar al-Assad.” Not long, after, videos began emerging that appeared to show the missiles hitting various facilities in the country.

CBS News announced in a report, posted on Twitter, that “many of the targets, in particular the air bases in some military installations… had been struck,” but that the locations had been evacuated earlier in the week.

One social media user also began sharing video, showing the strike as it unfolded.

In one video, emergency sirens can be heard.

An explosion can be seen in one of the videos.

A third clip shows smoke hanging in the night air and what could be a fire in the distance.

Other social media users also shared videos, including one with the caption: “Video showing the moment tomahawk cruise missiles impacted a research facility in #Syria.”

On Friday evening, Trump addressed the nation, stating that the precision strikes were underway.

British Prime Minister Theresa May made a similar statement.

Russia released a statement not long after the strikes began, stating that “a pre-designed scenario is being implemented” and that the US, Britain, and France would face “consequences” for the strike.

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Source: The Tribunist

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