Video footage has emerged of a plane going down in a suburban neighborhood. The teenager managed to walk away, somewhat miraculously, though he is now hospitalized in critical condition. He was the only survivor of the crash that killed his parents. The imagery is harrowing and shows the horror and shock that can follow an accident like this.

“The single-engine plane, which was carrying three people, was en route from Arkansas to Coleman A. Young International Airport on Sunday night when it apparently struck a power line and tree,” the Daily Mail reports. The crash happened in Detroit, Michigan.

“Police said a 54-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman perished in the fiery crash, but the couple’s 17-year-old son miraculously survived.”

Witnesses on site shot the video footage, and watched the teen struggle free from the wreckage.

“At first he could be seen struggling to squeeze through one of the windows as the plane door became engulfed in flames.”

“After several seconds, he was forced to go through the flames and commando roll out of the plane.”

The burns on the boy’s arms are visible, even in the video footage.

Cordell Owens told reporters he could hear screams after the crash. He used an axe to break into the plane. The people inside, though, were belted in and he couldn’t free them from the flames.

“It was terrible. It was all burning fire and everything, and they told me to leave because the plane might blow. But I couldn’t because I had to get that guy out of there. I feel bad because I couldn’t save the other two,” Owens said.

By the time emergency crews arrived on site, the plane was engulfed in fire and the remaining passengers were beyond saving.

“The Federal Aviation Administration said the pilot had reported issues with the plane’s landing gear and that it was running low on fuel just moments before the crash,” DM  notes.

The official investigations have now begun into the cause of the crash.

Source: The Tribunist

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