The proliferation of body-cam footage has shown new light on the lives of police officers. One of the latest to be released captures officers exchanging gunfire with a man who was holding a woman and her two kids hostage in a house. The video footage of the encounter shows the risks these officers take to help people they’ve never met.

The incident occurred in Deltona, Florida in 2016. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office then released the footage seen here which was used to help convict Emmanuel Rosado for his actions in the gunfight.

Rosado had been estranged from his wife, Victoria, and their three kids. When he showed up at her house acting erratically, she called police. “She was on the phone to 911 for several minutes while hiding in the bedroom before the operator heard a scream and the line went dead,” The Daily Mail writes.

The first deputy on the scene attempted to get her and the kids out of the house, but Rosado began shooting in the house. The officer then ran for cover behind a tree in the yard.

Emmanuel continued shooting, and shot Victoria in the back. She managed to climb out a window into the front yard. As she was moving toward the driveway, a second officer was able to drag her farther from the line of fire.

Later, the three children are seen running from the house.

Eventually the deputy finds Emmanuel in the backyard where he surrenders.

When he was arrested, Emanuel had been charged with aggravated battery and two counts of attempted first degree murder.

Even though police on the scene heard him yelling “You’re going to die tonight!”, Rosado was found not guilty of attempted first degree murder.

He was convicted of battery and attempted second degree murder.

Source: The Tribunist

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