Jason Ward creates content for YouTube. Most of it seems innocuous enough: videos of him tormenting drive thru workers with his Sling Blade impersonations, or stalking his wife with a Nerf gun. Yet one of his more recent uploads has caught on becasue of its in-your-face rebuttal of “common sense” gun control logic.

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Ward called his video “Guns 101 in Under Two Minutes.” It begins with a look at two 9mms. One is a SCCY pistol.

The other looks to be a short-barreled rifle modeled after the AR-15. Both shoot the same round, Ward notes, but one tends to spook people much more.

He then moves to the next jumping off point of rational discourse. The pistol caliber carbine scares people because it resembles an AR-15.

Ward has an AR, too, and he compares it to the .30-06.

His bolt action rifle has a wooden stock, so it isn’t nearly as likely to trigger anyone.

The rounds these two guns fire, though…. The .30-06 is big enough for any game you could encounter in North America. Buffalo, moose, even a grizzly bear… the .30-06 is very effective. Yet people act like the .223 round common to the AR-15 is the most lethal round ever made.

The next bit makes a point that few are willing to accept. He brings out a lever-action .30-30 and pretends to use it in an aggressive manner.

He then repeats the “assault” with a 9 iron. Though he’s clearly relying on the humor of the absurd comparison to carry his message, he has a point.

The rest of the video devolves into mockery. The thesis, of course, is that the gun isn’t what kills anyone. It isn’t going to go off on its own.

Check out the video. It is amusing.

Source: The Tribunist

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