On the eve of his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame, Matt Serra was at a café when an allegedly drunk man became unruly and was “threatening” staff members. Serra didn’t take the situation lightly, deciding to subdue the man until security arrived at the café to handle the aggressive patron.

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The incident took place on Wednesday at the Grand Café located inside the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Serra, a former UFC welterweight champion, uploaded a video of the incident to his Instagram page with the caption: “How do you spend the night before your @ufc HOF induction?!? You subdue some a**hole drunk that was threatening waiters then tries to swing on you.”

The former champ can be seen restraining the man by sitting on top of him and pinning his arms down.

During the incident, Serra tells the man to “calm down,” even as the man attempts to kick him in the back of the head and spends the majority of the video trying to free himself from the former champs grasp.

The man yells, “I’m gonna f*** you up,” as the UFC legend, though Serra takes the statement in stride and just laughs.

Some onlookers appear to be amused by the scene as it unfolds, smiling as they watch Serra keep the man from getting up.

Security arrives not long after and works to address the situation. After speaking with the security officer, confirming what he needs to do, Serra stands up, releasing the man as he back away.

The man, according to a report by the Daily Mail, states that he is going to press charges against the former champ.

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A second video uploaded by Serra shows the moments before the incident. Serra can be seen seated in the café right before the man he allegedly started being unruly with staff members.

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