While a meeting between leaders of North Korea and the United States remains uncertain, President Trump will be having one high-level meeting today. The President and son-in-law Jared Kushner will both be meeting with Kim Kardashian. At the center of their talks will be Kardashian’s concern for prison reform and the continued incarceration of a woman named Alice Johnson.

Johnson, a 62-year-old grandmother,  is serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense. Kardashian became concerned with her story after reading about Johnson on Twitter, The Daily Mail writes.

“[Kardashian] reached out to First Daughter Ivanka Trump and established a connection with Kushner,” DM adds. She will meet first with Kushner and make the case for Johnson’s release before later meeting with Trump.

Kardashian intends to “explain to [Trump] that, just like everybody else, we can make choices in our lives that we’re not proud of and that we don’t think through all the way.”

She expects to find an ally in Kushner. His father served a year in prison in 2005 for “tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions, and witness tampering.”

Since then, Kushner has been pushing for the First Step Act, a program designed to offer job skills and training to first time offenders. The First Step Act even offers options for nonviolent offenders to serve their sentences outside of traditional prisons.

“If we can start showing that we can make the prisons more purposeful and more effective at lowering the recidivism rate over time, that may help the people who are trying to make the argument for sentencing reform,” Kushner reportedly said earlier this month.

President Trump, working with Silvester Stallone, pardoned boxer Jack Johnson, who was convicted of violating the Mann Act in 1913.

It remains uncertain if Trump will make concessions regarding prison reform. While he seems to be willing to embrace pardon in specific situations, he has taken a hard-line on criminal behavior, in general.

Will Alice Johnson meet his criteria? She was “convicted of conspiracy to possess cocaine, attempted possession of cocaine and money laundering in 1996,” DM notes.

“Johnson […] became involved in a drug syndicate that imported cocaine into Memphis, Tennessee, after a devastating few years where she was divorced, lost her son in a scooter accident, and filed for bankruptcy.”

“The Memphis woman acted as a middle man for the drug traffickers, passing on messages in code via telephone, but claims she never sold drugs.”

Yet “10 of her alleged co-conspirators turned against her in exchange for reduced sentencing or dropped charges,” leading some to believe prosecutors made her the scapegoat.

After a video about Johnson’s situation went viral, Kardashian began lobbying for her release. Today’s meeting with the President marks another milestone in those efforts.

Source: The Tribunist

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