President Trump’s administration has struggled with leaks since he took office. At one time, it was speculated that former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, was responsible for the leaks. He has since left his position at the White House, yet the leaks have continued to persist. The most recent leak paints a picture of a furious Donald Trump.

During the first week of April, President Trump met with his senior military generals to discuss the possibility of pulling out of war-torn Syria. According to numerous reports, Trump was combative during the meeting when his generals told him it wasn’t a good idea.

In short, Trump’s main point of argument is that ISIS is all but defeated. “We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS,” Trump reportedly told his generals. According to the Daily Mail, Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, advised the president against immediately pulling out of Syria.

In return, Trump was said to have replied: “I want to get out.” Trump added, “I want to bring our troops back home. I want to start rebuilding our nation.” Tempers began to flare when Dunford told the president his approach was “unproductive.”

Trump’s tone and attitude went downhill from there, and reportedly eyebrows rose in the room as the argument escalated. Trump then proceeded to tell his generals repeatedly that America had gotten “nothing” but trouble from the involvement in Syria. He added that the war was a drain of funds and a cost of American lives. American troops have been in the country since 2015.

Dunford responded by asking Trump what exactly he wanted to see done. Trump is said to have replied that he wanted an immediate withdrawal of all American forces from the country.

Along with Dunford, several high-ranking military officials spoke in opposition to Trump’s proposal with some claiming it would be a catastrophic decision that could lead to ISIS retaking the region. Syria was once an ISIS stronghold, taken over after civil war broke out in response to Bashar al-Assad’s oppressive government.

According to CNN, since the leak was reported in the media, Trump has agreed to not pull out of the country immediately.

Source: The Tribunist

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