One woman wants to alert others that a popular beauty trend can be dangerously, and even lead to life-threatening infections. The procedure, called microblading, is a method for applying pigment under the skin using a series of small cuts, not entirely unlike a tattoo. Many turn to microblading because the results appear more natural, but the procedure comes with risks.

A woman from Michigan, known only as Jennifer, shared her story regarding the outcome of her microblading procedure.

After getting her new eyebrows, Jennifer was initially pleased with the results.

However, according to a report by ABC 7, a few days later, things took a turn.

Jennifer began experiencing swelling, redness, and pain around the area where the microblading procedure was performed, and she ended up hospitalized for several days while fighting a potentially life-threatening infection.

According to Jennifer’s dermatologist, it’s possible that she was allergic to the pigment or another substance used to prepare her skin.

Jennifer may have also end up with an infection as she was instructed not to wash her face for a time after she received the microblading procedure.

“Now I regret going in there and getting it done, but it is vanity,” said Jennifer. “You want to look good, and you don’t ever think that’s going to happen to you.”

Jennifer’s dermatologist recommends that anyone interested in microblading should do a significant amount of research before selecting someone to perform the procedure.

Source: The Tribunist

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