Despite high ratings, ABC canceled the sitcom Last Man Standing in May 2016, leaving many fans of the show devastated, if not outraged. Many wondered if the network targeted the show for its political stance, something that ABC adamantly denied. Now, a recent tweet from Tim Allen, who starred in the show, suggests it may make a comeback.

On Thursday, Allen posted a tweet, saying, “They hear all your voices people!! LMS just might be a reality. Keep it up. Who wants more #LastManStanding ?”

Many took this as a hint that the show may be heading back to television. However, according to a report by Fox News, Allen’s statement may be premature as sources suggest that the return of the show is highly “speculative” at this time.

When asked about the post, Marleah Leslie, Allen’s rep, said, “I will let Tim’s tweet speak for itself.”

With the success of the Roseanne reboot, which features a character who is pro-Trump, many began calling for the return of Last Man Standing again.

Allen, who played the role of Mike Baxter, a politically conservative character, has often expressed his support for Trump.

Allen has admitted that the support he’s received from fans about the show has been “overwhelming.”

“The support from all the fans to bring back Last Man Standing is truly overwhelming to me and so appreciated,” said Allen when speaking with Fox News. “I, along with the talented writers, wonderful crew, and terrific actors, would definitely entertain the idea of bringing the show back as there is so much gas left in the tank, more to be said, and laughs to be had.”

This isn’t the only revival that has been rumored this year involving Allen. After the success of Roseanne, a discussion of bringing back Home Improvement was also “floated,” according to a report by Yahoo.

“I can’t say about everybody, but it has been floated. They floated the idea,” said Allen in March. He admitted he liked the idea, but added, “I still miss Last Man Standing. We didn’t get to do our seventh year. I adored that show. It’s like having a new dog and now to go back to the old dog. I don’t know. I like both characters, but, yeah, I’d be very interested in that idea.”

Source: The Tribunist

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