Carjacking is a crime of opportunity. Targets are often chosen spontaneously, as they present themselves. A couple of carjackers picked the wrong car last week. The driver was an cop. He wasn’t on duty and wasn’t in uniform, but he was armed and he was willing to fight back. The gunfight seemed to catch both of carjackers by surprise.

“Surveillance footage, which has just been released, showed the off-duty Chicago police officer sitting in a black BMW when two men, with their hoods pulled up, approached at around 8.45am on April 20,” The Daily Mail writes.

On hit the passenger side door and pulled it open. As he did so, he was pulled something from his pocket.

The other man ran around to the other side. The cop jumped free of the vehicle and pulled a gun as the other man climbed into the car.

The officer, as he retreated from his car, fired back at the man in the driver’s seat. The man on the passenger side climbed out and returned fire.

At that point, both men ran. The passenger bolted. The driver, climbing through the car, left through the passenger side and ran after the other man.

There was another car, though, waiting. Both men jumped in to it and it sped away.
Corey Felton, a Barbershop owner, saw the events unfolding outside his shop. “I heard gunshots, and I just happened to look out, and my next client was outside. He was a police officer, and he was returning gunfire with a suspect,” he told reporters.

It is unclear if either of the men were hit. The police officer was unharmed. As the shooting unfolded, he took cover behind a parked Jeep.

Police are still looking for the two men. Neither have been identified, though authorities are hoping that the release of the video might generate leads.

Source: The Tribunist

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