As Paul Camps, a tourist at the Grand Canyon National Park, was admiring the scenery, he came across a squirrel that appeared to be acting strangely. The critter began following him around and raising its arms up, a gesture that resembled a child asking to be picked up. Camps wondered if the squirrel was thirsty and offered him a drink.

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Temperatures average around 87°F this time of year at the Grand Canyon, according to a report by the Daily Mail, so the idea that the squirrel may need a drink was reasonable.

Describing the encounter, Camps stated, “The squirrel began to follow me and put its arms up to me like it wanted picking up.”

“I passed my water bottle to my girlfriend so I could take a picture on my phone and, as I did, the squirrel began to put its arms up toward my girlfriend.”

The pair determined that the squirrel must be thirsty and was asking for a drink.

Camps brought the water bottle down to the squirrel, allowing the critter to have some of the water.

The squirrel kept drinking, downing the water until the bottle was completely empty.

“Needless to say, we didn’t drink from the same bottle,” Camps joked.

Visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park are advised not to interact with wildlife and always to maintain a safe distance from any animals they encounter.

In the case of squirrels, the safe distance is listed as about 50 feet away.

The risk of getting to close to a squirrel is that you could be bitten or scratched. Squirrels can carry diseases, including rabies, so any injury sustained should be examined by a medical professional.

Source: The Tribunist

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