Hanss Mujica wasn’t always “the most dedicated student.” While he passed many of his classes in high school, he admitted that he was doing “just enough to get by to be able to dance and play sports.” Once he got to college, things weren’t as easy, as professors aren’t on top of students to make sure their assignments get done.

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“That, I believe was my downfall as a college student,” said Mujica in an article on Love What Matters.

“Professors tell you the work that needs to get done and it is up to you to decide to if you want to do it or not,” he said. “Ultimately you are the ones that are paying to be there.”

Mujica was suspended from the university, leaving with a 1.47 GPA. “When my parents found out that I had been suspended, the look on their faces completely broke my heart,” he said.

“From that moment on, I told myself that I would never do anything to see that look in their face. I would never do anything to ever disappoint them again.”

The semester after being suspended, Mujica decided to head back to college “with a whole different attitude.”

Due to his suspension, he wasn’t eligible for financial aid, leading him to pay out-of-pocket for his education and even taking out “emergency loans from the university.”

By the summer of 2015, he wasn’t able to pay back a loan, and he was dropped from his fall 2015 semester courses.

Undeterred, Mujica kept trying to finish his degree, even quitting his job at a local in the summer of 2016 to pursue a position upstate.

He raised the money by working and through the “university dance program,” and was able to save up faster since he was able to stay “with the most amazing friends” who allowed him to live there rent free.

Mujica was able to afford one class in the fall of 2016 and qualified for financial aid in the spring of 2017.

“From then on out I went continuously, spring, summer 1, summer 2, fall 2017, all the way to spring 2018,” he said “My parents never knew when I was going to graduate. I always told them soon, but never when.”

To surprise his parents, Mujica told them they were “posing for a family photo shoot for a project.”

“Little did they know,” he added, “it was my graduation announcement.”

“I spent six years in an out of the university but seeing the reactions on their faces was worth every sleepless night,” Mujica continued. “It was such a wonderful feeling seeing their reaction. Inside the envelope was the two invitation tickets for my graduation.”

The moment was captured on video and shared on YouTube, allowing everyone to see the moment his parents found out he was graduating.

Source: The Tribunist

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