In what has almost become commonplace in America, there has been another mass shooting at a school. Ten people are said to have lost their lives after 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis stormed an art classroom and allegedly yelled, “Surprise!” before shooting the students that he said he didn’t like and keeping alive those that he chose so that they could tell his story.

Pagourtzis reportedly wore a “Born to Kill” t-shirt as he started his rampage during first period. According to the Daily Mail, two teachers and eight students were shot and killed by Pagourtzis, who was armed with his father’s shotgun and pistol.

Towards the end of the day, the victims of the shooting were slowly being released.

Substitute teacher Ann Perkins and art teacher Cynthia Tisdale were the two adults confirmed dead. Perkins leaves behind a daughter and husband. She was called “wonderful” and “amazing” by the students she taught.

She had such a strong relationship with her students that they would commonly refer to her as “Grandma Perkins.” Tisdale’s brother-in-law confirmed her death in a touching Facebook tribute.

“Cynthia Tisdale went to work today at the Santa Fe High School as she had done many times before,” he wrote. “She was teaching the art class today and a little after 8 AM a demon-possessed Son of Belial enters the room and starts shooting… killing 8 students and 2 teachers… one being my sister-in-law Cynthia, who was a member of Anchor Bible Baptist Church in Pharr, TX.”

In a separate post, he divulged that her husband was terminally ill. “Her husband Reverend William Recie Tisdale is in bad health with a terminal lung disease. They have 4 children Recie Jr, Joseph, Autumn and Shannon. Your prayers are appreciated and requested for all of the family.”


The names of the students who lost their lives during the shooting were released and included Sabika Sheikh, Chris Stone, Kim Vaughan, Angelique Ramirez, Aaron Kyle McLeod, Christian Garcia and Shana Fisher.

Sabika Sheikh was a foreign exchange student who left Pakistan in the hopes of receiving a better education in America. The Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C. confirmed her death.

Chris Stone was another student confirmed as killed when he was found dead inside the art classroom. His family desperately searched for him throughout the day only to be told about his death later that night.

Angelique Ramirez’s family acknowledged her death Friday night also. “She had so much ahead of her,” her family said. “Creative beyond belief! She was a magnificent caretaker and a staple in her family.”

The other students’ families have yet to make a statement. The school’s resource officer, John Barnes, was allegedly involved in a shootout with Pagourtzis. Barnes required surgery after he was shot in the arm.

Barnes had retired from the police force at the start of 2018. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo went to visit Barnes and wrote on Twitter, “John is hanging in there & the family is very hopeful. They hope to have additional information released shortly.”

Pagourtzis surrendered once law enforcement stormed the school. He is accused of killing 10 people as well as injuring 10 others. He was denied bond and saw a judge late Friday evening. He did not enter a plea.

Source: The Tribunist

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