File this under: seemed like a good idea at the time. A gun owner, concerned that his children might accidentally come across his firearm, decided he needed a safe place to store it. Where could he hide it that the kids would never find it? The oven, obviously. The kids weren’t likely to do any baking. Seemed like the perfect place.

Only it wasn’t. The broiler, where the man had secreted his revolver, gets hot when it is cut on. That heat was enough to cook-off rounds inside the gun.

Media outlets have been having a field-day with the obvious puns. Many have reported that the man was shot twice, though that seems like hyperbole.

The incident happened in Warren, Ohio Sunday. The man hid his revolver in a Maytag oven’s broiler. Robin Garlock, the gun owner in question, didn’t tell anyone where he’d put the gun.

Later that evening, Garlock’s girlfriend turned on the oven. It was preheating as it should. She didn’t share this fact with Garlock, however, and he didn’t become aware of the problem until a round in the cylinder (reportedly the one aligned with the barrel) got hot enough to explode.

Garlock’s girlfriend assumed the noise (muffled as it was inside the broiler) came from outside the house. Garlock knew better. He instructed her to run and he ran to the kitchen to retrieve the firearm.

He opened the broiler and reached inside.

“He had heard the gun go off and he realized what was happening and he obviously didn’t want anyone to get hurt, so he attempted to get up underneath there and get the gun out from underneath, but it was already too late and it was too hot and the gun continued to go off,” said Detective Wayne Mackey of the Warren Police Department.

“It’s too hot. “The gun literally spun around because it’s going off.”

That part may be a bit if a stretch. One round discharging would spin the revolver around, but not spin the chamber as many are suggesting.

The other rounds in the cylinder, though, would be just as likely to fire. While they wouldn’t shoot bullets out of the barrel, they would (and did) send shrapnel from their exploding cases out of the rear of the cylinder, and bits of lead out of the front.

Media reports say Garlock was shot twice. While it is clearly possible that he shot himself twice while fumbling, bare handed, with a gun that is hot enough to cook-off rounds, it is more likely that he was hit by the shrapnel of the rounds exploding in the chamber. Intense, yes, but not the same as getting shot.

“He was shot twice while trying to get the weapon secured,” Mackey noted. “The culprit is a Maytag oven.”

“The oven initially tried to blame the refrigerator,” he added, clearly enjoying the absurdity of the situation.

Source: The Tribunist

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