As a waiter, a group of teenagers is the table you don’t want. They can be rowdy and childish, and they probably don’t realize that waiters rely on tips to pay their bills. So when a group of four teenagers went out to dinner before a school dance, it wasn’t a huge surprise to the waiter that he didn’t receive a tip.

The teens emptied out their wallets and left what they had — a tip of $3.28 for a dinner of four. To the surprise of the waiter, he received a handwritten note from the teens over a week later apologizing for the small tip and ready to make it right. The waiter then posted a picture of the note online to show that not all teens are cheap and selfish.

“Dr Mr Waiter, About a week and a half ago, on October 7, my friends and I came to eat at this restaurant as our own homecoming celebration. It was an exciting experience for us to be here alone, and it was all new to us, and you were the best waiter we could ask for,” the teens explained. “You were kind, helpful, accommodating, didn’t treat us like babies, and were even able to fit the food to all my allergies! So I wanted to say thank you for making our “grown up” experience so amazing and fun.”

The teens added that they hadn’t ever really dealt with paying a bill before since their parents always took care of it previously. “I would also like to say sorry on behalf of my group. Since we were new to all this, our 13 year old minds didn’t exactly know how to deal with the bill. You were super helpful in dividing the check up and taking our not-so-preferable cash,” the note read.

“The bill was reasonable, but we had completely forgotten (and frankly didn’t know) what a tip even was, let alone how much to give. So we emptied our pockets and all our money added up to $3.28. Not aware of how small this really was, we left, clueless, of what we had left you for all your hard work.”

The note concluded, “Later, we realized our mistake and felt HORRIBLE. We knew we had to make it right. So in this envelope you will find the correct 18% tip and extra for simply being amazing. ‘We appreciate your help and patience, and thank you for making our night fun. Thank you! – The 4 teenagers from that night.”

Now that’s written proof that not all teenagers are bad.






Source: The Tribunist

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