Syrian state media is claiming that the missile strike this past weekend missed its intended targets. Some of the targets, they claim, didn’t receive any damage. This is likely to be a thinly veiled propaganda tool, though, as satellite imagery of the intended targets indicates that the missiles fired did find their intended targets, and that the damage is significant.

“The US Department of Defense early Saturday released a map that it says shows their three Syrian airstrike targets,” CNN writes.

The airstrikes, carried out by France, the United States and United Kingdom, began late Friday evening.  The three countries are reporting that 105 missiles were fired at three targets in Syria.

The leaders of the three nations have all indicated success with their missions, and their continued resolve to strike at Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons on its own people.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White told claimed complete success, saying the strikes “successfully hit every target.” To be clear, she added more. “We met our objectives. We hit the sites, the heart of the chemical weapons program. So, it was mission accomplished,”

Russia, backing Syria’s claim that the coalition air strikes missed their mark, claims that 71 of the missiles were shot down. The Russians have acknowledged, though, that the remainder of the missiles did impact Syrian targets.

“Syrian state TV reported missiles targeting Homs were intercepted and did not cause damage,” CNN writes. Yet the image above was taken Friday. The one below was taken Saturday.

“The US Department of Defense says that a chemical weapons storage facility was targeted, in addition to a chemical weapons equipment storage facility and command post,” CNN adds.

The Bazrah Research Center outside of Damascus was also hit.

On April 8, the building was standing. Saturday, it was not.

Source: The Tribunist

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