Videos showing people taking part in stunts are fairly commonplace on websites like YouTube, a place where daredevils can publicly share their antics. While many go off without a hitch, some people aren’t so lucky. In one clip, a man decides to use a guillotine to cut a can of spray paint in half and quickly regrets his decision.

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The slow-mo footage starts innocently enough. The minds behind the Destruction Channel on YouTube constructed a guillotine and placed the spray paint can right in the path of the blade.

Aaron Hydel, the man featured in the video, used a knife to cut the rope that was holding the blade of the guillotine in place, sending it hurtling down towards the spray paint can.

As the sharp edge reached the can, it splits it in two, sending red spray paint flying in every direction. But that wasn’t the only side effect of the stunt.

One of the halves of the cleaved spray paint rockets toward Hydel, hitting him squarely in the groin.

Hydel quickly starts to collapse, reacting to the pain of the unexpected impact.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the pair behind the video blamed the sharpness of the blade, which was not refined enough to cut straight through the spray paint can, as the reason for the blooper.

“We’re still sharpening the blade, so it was not sharp enough to cut straight through the can of paint,” the pair wrote, “so instead it sent the can of paint flying into [Hydel’s] crotch!”

The video is nearly two years old, so they may have since completed the work on the blade of their homemade guillotine, which they say weighs “about 80 pounds.”

Even though the stunt didn’t go to plan, they decided to share it on the channel anyway, letting everyone view the “unexpected results” of their effort.

Source: The Tribunist

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