Slapping students is frowned upon. While some in the noble profession have felt the temptation to strike a student, most refrain. One teacher, though, lost his job after he slapped a student multiple times. The assault was viscous and left a vivid set of hand prints on the boy’s face. So what was it the boy did to deserve the beating?

What led up to the incident is still unclear. Reports suggest it was becasue the boy was talking. “The instructor in Suyu High School was reportedly punishing the boy – a senior high student – for chatting with his classmate during a self-study session on Tuesday,” The Daily Mail writes.

The assault was fierce enough to cause a concussion. The student, who is being identified, as Xiaochen, was hospitalized after the attack.

Some of the marks on the boy’s face looked like hand prints. They stretch from the boy’s ear to his mouth.

“He was diagnosed with injuries to his left ear, a concussion, soft tissue injuries and several burst vessels near his eye,” DM writes. He also suffered from a temporary loss of hearing in his left ear.

“The teacher lost his temper and first slapped a girl before hitting Xiaochen,” a student in the class told reporters.

The boy’s family is working with the school to resolve the issue. Police began investigating, too, after the images were released. The teacher has reportedly been fired.

Source: The Tribunist

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