Oliver Davis has his future mapped out. The 6-year-old wants to be a police officer. His dedication to the law enforcement community has earned him viral fame in the past, and now he’s taking that one step further by giving back to the men and women who inspire him. He set up a lemonade stand for the officers in his community and they came out in droves.

“I don’t need Spider-Man, Superman [or] Batman. I need these guys,” David told ABC.

Oliver is a bit of a legend in his Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood. He has a police bike and regularly wears his uniform as he patrols the streets. He even has an honorary badge, given to him by his local department.

His mother Brandi posted the video of the lemonade stand. “We want to remind police officers that people still care,” Oliver said.

As ABC notes, “100 police officers from 10 different police stations across two states showed up to his house in Kansas City, Kansas, where he’d set up a table complete with balloons, ice, cups, lemonade and various kinds of doughnuts. They greeted him with fist bumps and handshakes.”

“I want to be nice to police officers,” Oliver said. “They’re my superheroes.”

Oliver’s act of kindness has gone viral, but it is hardly the first time. His mother helped him put together a PSA about winter driving, too.

His enthusiasm for police work seems infectious.

Though it means some of his friends have to play the part of criminals.

Which they seem willing enough to do.

Here’s the video of the lemonade stand.

Source: The Tribunist

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