UPDATE 4:42 ET: One witness reported hearing two strings of rapid fire shots in quick succession.

UPDATE 4:37 ET: Local hospitals are reporting multiple casualties being transported away from the scene.

ORIGINAL COVERAGE: According to emerging reports, shots have been fired and there may still be an active shooter at Youtube’s corporate headquarters in California.

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According to local media reports:

There is an active shooter situation at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno.

The San Mateo County Sheriff is assisting San Bruno Police with the active shooter situation at 901 Cherry.

YouTube employees are reporting on Twitter hearing shots being fired. One YouTube employee, Vadim Lavrusik, reported being barricaded in a room with coworkers. He then tweeted he is now out of the building safe.

At this point, additional details have not been released.

Most of the news coming out of the situation is coming from employees and other people on the scene through social media:

Local news agency KTVU Fox 2 has a live feed available here:

Source: The Tribunist

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