Conservative political commentator and radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, renewed his warning against “extremism” of the “radical left” under the ensuing administration of Democratic presidential tandem Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In an opinion published by The Daily Wire, Limbaugh said Biden will more likely be “titular president” controlled by the radical left despite winning the Democratic nomination for being a “centrist.”

“I have long believed that the radical Left represents an existential threat to the republic … Since it appears that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office in less than three weeks, my deepest fears should only be intensifying,” the political commentator wrote.

“We needn’t carry on this disingenuous debate about whether Biden is a centrist, because his growing mental incapacity makes it a moot point,” he added.

Limbaugh lashed at the Democratic Party and the media for “jointly orchestrating” to ensure a “certain radicalization” of the American presidency under the Biden-Harris ticket — as he raised the possibility of a short-lived Biden presidency to be succeeded by a more extremist Harris.

“It will be shocking if Biden, once sworn in, remains in office very long. In one of his unforced gaffes, he casually acknowledged having told “Barack” that, while he and Harris agree on most things, if a disagreement on moral principle arises, he will “develop some disease” and resign,” he said.

“Double coup”

“The Democratic power brokers pulling the strings in this Manchurian horror show achieved a double coup. They managed to arrange Biden’s out-of-nowhere victory over the popular — but unelectable in a general election — Bernie Sanders, and they snuck in the wildly unpopular Kamala Harris as vice presidential candidate under the Biden cover,” he added.

“The liberal media conspired in this ruse, presenting Biden as an affable and honorable centrist, shielding his frailty and corruption while ignoring Harris’ undeniable extremism.”

The radio personality went on to say that the media totally disregarded the fact that Biden has a “long history of plagiarism and lies — and now a history of graft” — while “falsely cast[ing]” President Donald Trump throughout the campaign as a racist.

“The progressive media and all other forces who dogged Trump for four years and concealed the extremism of the Democratic presidential ticket have enabled a certain radicalization of the American presidency for the next four years,” Limbaugh said in his piece, noting that “by all rights, American patriots can’t be blamed for being scared out of their wits about what appears to be coming.”

“I believe every word I wrote in my book about the dangers that the national Democratic Party represents for the nation,” he added.

Nonetheless, Limbaugh said “no matter how bleak things look” pertaining to the “radicalism of the Democrats’ agenda,” there are still “some reasons” for optimism such as President Trump showing the Republican Party “that an outsider actually can win the presidency.”

“Trump template of Republican Party”

“He single-handedly transformed the Republican Party into a far more efficient and effective policy vehicle,” the conservative political commentator said, noting that the outsider Trump also “exposed” how far Democrats’ will go “to silence their opponents and eradicate Americans’ liberties.”

“Trump presented a template for how the Republican Party should and can expand its base, and how it should push its own agenda every bit as aggressively as the Democrats do theirs, without the cheating and lawlessness,” he said, adding that the Republican President “inspired tens of millions of Americans with his unflagging patriotism, with his defense and promotion of this country and its interests.”

“The enthusiasm at his rallies was no accident, and it will not diminish but rather surely increase.”

He noted then that “though temporarily dispirited,” the Republican Party is “fired up like never before.”

“The Republican Party will likely remain the party of Trumpism, even when Trump ceases to lead it. There will not be another Trump — but there doesn’t need to be, as long as the next GOP president largely follows his policy agenda,” Limbaugh wrote.

The radio personality then warned Georgia Republicans of the weight of winning the January 5 runoff, which will determine majority control of the Senate.

“So much rides on the US Senate elections in Georgia. If Republicans can hold the majority, we can mitigate much of the planned Biden-Harris mischief,” he said.

He also noted that reports of “rampant presidential election corruption” in the November 3 polls should be used by Republicans “to fuel election reform and scrutiny” moving forward.

“Heading into the new year, let’s do our best to not be dejected and pessimistic but committed and resolved to redoubling our efforts to reclaim America’s greatness from those who are on a mission to eliminate it. Never give up!” Limbaugh said.

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