A year ago, Ronda Rousey was trying for a UFC comeback. It didn’t go as swimmingly as she had planned. But Rousey has fans, lots of them, and they wanted more. So Rousey climbed into a different ring, this time with the WWE, and her debut was a smashing success. Her tag-team debut was a crowd-pleaser.

“The MMA fighter has found her groove in the world of professional wrestling,” The Daily Mail writes, “winning her debut on Sunday night in front of a roaring crowd.”

Rousey was teamed up with Kurt Angle in the mixed tag team. The pair held off Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34.

“I feel absolutely ecstatic,” Rousey told reporters after the win. “After my wedding day, this is my favorite day of my life I think.”

Rousey, 31, claims she’s moving to the WWE full time. “This is my life now,” she said at the Royal Rumble in January. “This is not a smash and grab, this is not a publicity stunt.”

“Rousey spent most of the night on the offensive,” the Mail writes, “delivering numerous punches and several throws – including the ‘exploder suplex’.”

The crowd wasn’t there exclusively for Rousey, but they liked what they saw. “We want Ronda,” they chanted. After she took the ring, they changed to “this is awesome.”

“No matter how much I tried to do other things in my life, this kept following me around,” she told WWE.com. “It’s time to take a hint from the universe and go for it.”

Source: The Tribunist

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