When a little chimpanzee was abandoned by its mother and left to die, rescuers took him to a pair of human foster parents who looked after him. The couple gave him the care he needed to survive until he was old enough to be moved into a zoo. The video below shows the moment they were reunited.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami posted the video to Instagram, and wrote that the couple had provided Limbani with “around the clock care for the first few months of his life.” Limbani had been rejected by his mother after he was born with pneumonia.

The caretakers, Jorge and Tania, now visit Limbani at the zoo in Miami. That’s where they were when this video was taken.

Jorge was behind Limbani when he called the chimp’s name. Limbani’s excitement is easy to see.

He smiles and leaps onto Jorge for an expressive hug. He wraps himself tightly around Jorge and is still pressing his face to his when he sees Tania behind Jorge.

Limbani then leaps to her for another hug.

The chimp is no stranger to viral success. “Limbani hit headlines in January when a video of him with a Mastiff dog, named Bruno cuddling went viral,” The Daily Mail writes.

The lovable Limani has been making friends in and out of the zoo. Another video of him shows him playing with a tiger cub.

Source: The Tribunist

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