The United States is close to eradicating ISIS from the Middle East. In newly released footage from the Department of Defense, a nighttime raid consisting of Special Forces soldiers targeting high-value ISIS-affiliates was carried out. The footage, which was reportedly part of an overnight raid on March 26, shows a firefight.

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Accoridng to the Pentagon, the raid took place in Afghanistan’s Jowzjan region. American special operators and Afghan Special Security Forces worked in conglomeration to wipe out “an ISIS-Khorasan commander and another terrorist fighter.”

The night vision footage, which was part of a string of successful operations against ISIS-K, shows the two militaries getting on helicopters before unloading and getting into a firefight with ISIS affiliates.

The raid was marked as successful in a statement published by the Department of Defense. “This tactical defeat of ISIS-K fighters in Jowzjan is the most recent in a series of Afghan and US (special operations forces) counterterrorism successes targeting ISIS-K in northern Afghanistan this year.”

According to the Daily Mail, The U.S. and Afghan started working together last year to remove ISIS and their affiliates from the region. ISIS-K is considered the most dangerous and most active terrorist group in the Middle East.

“These IS-K fighters are primarily Pakistani Pashtun,” Gen. John Nicholson said in a statement. “They have another segment of Islamic Movement Uzbekistan. And then there’s probably ten percent that’s from a variety of sources around the world.”

CNN reported ISIS-K had carried out a string of suicide bombings in the Afghanistan area, which resulted in them being prioritized.

To help further combat ISIS and its affiliates, NATO is working to train more Afghan commandos to make sure the group does not arise again after the U.S. clears out. In March alone, ISIS has taking a beating from U.S. and Afghan forces. For days before the raid footage was taken, four ISIS-K fighters were killed.

The Department of Defense reported they had killed ISIS-K platoon commanders Omair and Abu Samaya in an airstrike. That same day, 13 more ISIS affiliates were killed during another nighttime raid.

Source: The Tribunist

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