A loyal canine stopped angry drivers and police officers from waking its intoxicated owner who was sleeping off a hangover in the middle of a busy road. Video of the incident shows the dog lying on top of the drunken man and barking at passersby who get too close. The pet even paces around the sleeping man, protecting him.

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In the footage, captured on a street in Columbia, the golden-colored dog can be seen perched atop the man who, according to a report by the Daily Mail, was attempting to sleep off a hangover in the middle of a street.

The canine also licks the face of his owner, pacing around him in an attempt to protect him.

When a passerby attempt to wake the man, who was wearing a bike helmet, the dog barks at him until the onlooker backs away.

Noting the disturbance, a police officer approaches but quickly discovers that the animal won’t let him anywhere near its intoxicated owner.

While the officer tries to get closer, the protective pooch also appears to try to nuzzle the man awake.

As the dog barks nonstop, a local resident informs the officer that “the guy is drunk.”

The crowd of onlookers grows, and the dog remains vigilant. When the police officer reaches out, the canine even nips at his outstretched hand.

Eventually, the man begins to move, and an onlooker manages to remove the helmet he’s wearing as the officer distracts the dog.

The owner gradually awakes, giving the dog a quick pat on the head before the cop gets involved.

Source: The Tribunist

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