A video created by a police forces showing how to survive a knife attack has gone viral. The 12-second clip begins with a serious tone, but quickly offers some unexpected advice, and is surprisingly humorous in the end. It starts with an officer stating, “Today, we will teach you what to do when you encounter a knife-wielding assailant.”

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The video was filmed by Chinese law enforcement officers in southwest China. After the introductory message, featuring one police officer in front of three fellow cops, the camera pans over to a man acting as the “knife-wielding assailant.”

One may expect the video to provide instructions for disarming the attacker or otherwise subduing him. However, things become humorous fast as the camera focuses on the first officer.

Instead of confronting the attacker, the police officer begins yelling, “Help! Police!” and promptly runs away.

The intention behind the video was to let citizens know that running away from an attacker is a better option than confronting the potentially dangerous assailant. Also, it informs the viewer that contacting local authorities is the best move.

The video was filmed by the Longyang district branch of the Baoshan city police, located in the Yunnan province. It was originally posted on the Hubei Shiyan police department’s Weibo account, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

After word of the video spread, it quickly went viral on various social media platforms. One estimate states that the clip has been viewed in China over 16.7 million times since being released.

In the original post, the Shiyan police stated, “Normal people should deal with knife attackers this way. This is very practical – everyone must learn this method!”

Most viewers were amused by the video, particularly the unexpected ending, though also said it was good advice.

Source: The Tribunist

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