Police officers see it all. Some of what the see surprises even them. Such is the case in a small city on the east coast where officers found a prefab house in the middle of the road. Finding the house was just the start. It was also abandoned. It is clear that the house was left there after some mishap, but now the police have to find the owners.

The house was left on a two lane road in Dover, Delaware. It completely blocked one lane.

From the condition of the road’s shoulder, it looks like the trailer may have broken or had a flat. The grass is ripped up and the building appears to have broken apart in the middle.

Though the house was found on Tuesday, the police in Dover couldn’t get it removed until Wednesday.

“In a Facebook post that had been shared thousands of times, the department posted pictures of the home and said ‘this is not a joke’,” ABC writes. “The house was draped with a banner that said ‘oversize load’.”

“Sooooo somebody left a house on Long Point Road. Nope this is not a joke. We are unable to get anyone to move the house until Wednesday, so Long Point Road is closed until further notice. Please use an alternate route of travel.”

As the rig pulls it out, it appears that the long trailer wasn’t able to handle a curve, and the middle is, as the voice in the video describes, sagging.

Source: The Tribunist

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