Stan Lee is in the news much more frequently than most nonagenarians. The 95-year-old brains behind much of the Marvel universe is a living legend. So when police received reports of armed gunman outside of Lee’s home, they sent in the cavalry. The men were reportedly making threats Thursday evening, and two were arrested.

“Several police units and a police helicopter rushed to Lee’s $5 million Hollywood Hills, California, property after a 911 call was made at 7.30pm on Thursday night,” The Daily Mail reports.

Lee was home when the gunmen showed up. One reportedly threatened Lee and demanded that he give them money.

DM writes “that the men claimed Lee owed them money and arrived at the property to demand he pay them back.”

“Officers were called to a property on the 9100 block of Oriole Way at 7.30pm after reports of an assault. It was claimed that a suspect had a gun and was threatening,” The L.A. Police said in a statement Thursday evening.

“Officers detained two individuals that matched the description and an investigation is ongoing. Three units are still on scene including officers and detectives.”

The police also noted that this wasn’t the first time the men had been at the property.

“There was two guys standing outside demanding money, they were shouting,” an unidentified witness said.

“There was a confrontation with Stan in front of his house, but Stan doesn’t know either of them. One guy was saying ‘I want my money’.”

“But when everyone realized the men had guns everyone retreated inside. Stan’s lawyer, business partner and a nurse were with him at the house.”

“At some point the men took out their guns and were pointing them around so the police were called.”

Yet Lee’s call wasn’t answered by a depressed teenage orphan with genetic mutations and a penchant for tight costumes. Instead, the real-life counterpart of Chief George Stacy sent more than 20 officers and police helicopters.

“It was crazy, the cops had their guns drawn and there were spotlights from two police helicopters, it was very scary and pretty intense,” the witness told Daily Mail.

Critics have noted that the action fell flat and the dialogue was utterly cliche.

“The cops said, ‘Put your hands up’, so the guys got on their knees and on the floor, they were handcuffed and they were put in the car.”

Source: The Tribunist

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