On Monday, Piers Morgan got into a heated debate about the Second Amendment with various other users on Twitter. The conversation appeared to stem from a post from Robert J. O’Neill, a military veteran and former Navy SEAL, which read, “AR-15s aren’t going away and they aren’t the problem. Maybe we should have a realistic conversation for a change.”

Morgan engaged with a series of Twitter users, and the conversation wasn’t always polite. However, Morgan’s response to one specific post caught the attention of a Daily Wire writer, who made sure Ben Shapiro was going to get involved.

In a post, Morgan asked another Twitter user, “Have you studied the history of 2A? Try reading up on it. It was never intended to mean an individual’s right to bear arms – outside of a ‘well regulated militia.’”

Jeremy Frankel, a writer for the Daily Wire, replied, “Hopefully you kept that ‘silly little book’ @benshapiro gave you on set – it would come in handy now.”

Morgan took a jab, saying, “What was silly about it was the size, like its owner. I prefer my copies of the Constitution, and my political pundits, to be substantial.”

At this point, Shapiro jumps in, first asking, “Judge a constitution by its size do you?” then stating, “That is why you fail.

“I also like my constitutions like I like my pundits,” says Shapiro in follow up tweet, “American and concerned with protecting rights rather than infringing upon them.”

“Seems like someone’s overcompensating for a rather small…set of inalienable rights.”

Morgan then takes a shot directly at Shapiro, saying, “Calm down little guy @benshapiro … it’s not my fault you’re so small.”

Shapiro replies, “No, it’s your fault you’re such a small person. Though your small intellect is not really in your control.”

Morgan then tries to correct Shapiro’s earlier post, stating, “It’s ‘unalienable’. Try reading your Declaration of Independence.”

Shapiro replies, “I’ve read it. And its central contention is that we don’t have to take advice on the nature of our rights from British douchebags like you.”

Morgan comes back, “Well no, the final document specifically says ‘unalienable’ not ‘inalienable’. It’s so odd that a stickler for rights like @benshapiro doesn’t know this.”

Shapiro tweets, “So just to be clear, your big argument is that my use of ‘inalienable rights’ (used to Jefferson, and on the Jefferson Memorial) rather than ‘unalienable’ amounts to a full debunking of the Second Amendment? Because, um, that’s dumb.”

He also provides numerous other examples of presidents using the word “inalienable,” including Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton.

Shapiro then closes out with, “So it turns out you’re just as ignorant of the Declaration of Independence and its history as you are of the Constitution.”

Source: The Tribunist

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