Piers Morgan had recently battled with Ben Shapiro on Twitter over the Second Amendment and the verbiage on the Constitution. On Tuesday afternoon, Morgan replied to a comment on the topic made by another Twitter user, writing a statement that would enrage nearly any WWII vet. And the Twitterverse wasn’t kind with their replies.

The incident began with a tweet from Morgan, replying to another user regarding a debate about the Second Amendment.

Morgan wrote, “Have you studied the history of 2A? Try reading up on it. It was never intended to mean an individual’s right to bear arms – outside of a ‘well regulated militia’.”

Another Twitter user, posting under the name “Paradise Stang,” replied to Piers’ message, saying, “We’re not interested in a redcoat telling us what to do with our country anyway. Last I checked in my history book is we kicked you guys out and then saved your a**** at least twice with our GUNS.”

Piers said, “Thank you! Where would Britain be without you & your massive GUNS?!”

At this point, Shapiro jumped in, saying, “Speaking German.”

This was followed by a tweet from Sebastian Gorka, which said, “Most BUTAL @benshapiro post. EVER. (Admit it @piersmorgan, you walked right into that one!).”

It was Piers reply to that tweet that leads to some heated responses.

Piers replied, “It was really good of America to join WW2 two years late, after millions had died. Many thanks.”

At this point, a flood of American Twitter users entered the conversation, and they didn’t hold back.

Piers’ tweet had over 3,900 replies by Wednesday night.

h/t Daily Wire

Source: The Tribunist

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