Cat pictures will forever own their small piece of the internet. Most feature someone’s pet, lovingly, if not expertly, appearing in less-than-perfect cellphone footage. What happens when a professional photographer decides to dedicate some time to chronicling the life of cats? The results are outrageous. Check out these, the work of Japanese photographer Hiroyuki Hisakata.

The results often have very human like characteristics, like this cat who looks like he’s dancing.

Hisakata has spent the last few years taking pictures of cats. Most of them capture some essence of their movement during play.

He calls these “Ninja Cats” and compiles them on Instagram, and in books.

“I thought that cats living outside wouldn’t play with cat toys, but one time I happened to use a cat toy, and I could shoot this one cat in a mighty kung fu pose,” he told Tokyo Weekender.

“I often shoot the same cat. They have interesting personalities.”

“There are cats that dance, and are good at twisting, cats that pose like powerful heroes from Hollywood films, cats like martial artists and cats like ninjas.”

“Nobody would have known that they had these unique personalities!”

“If I go to the same place I can get to know the cats better, but If I go to a new place I might meet cats that can make wonderful moves.”

“I think that more cats want to play with humans, and so I keep on shooting cats in action.”

The results give an element of sophistication to a genre dominated by amateurs.

And the lighting is often what makes the image.

Other images are just what they are. Cats.

Who knew cats lied about the size of the fish they catch.

Source: The Tribunist

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