Many countries do not have the benefit of the Second Amendment. That hasn’t kept criminals in these countries from obtaining guns. Nor has it cut out all of the violent crime in these supposedly safe-havens. Citizens are still concerned with self-defense, and will go to great lengths to legally level the playing field, as this dart gun demonstrates.

The video is by Jörg Sprave. Sprave is the bald YouTube star behind the Slinghsot Channel. Like many other channels that focus on guns, Sprave has had issues with YouTube’s politics of late. He’s now part of a strike against YouTube. As such, this review is being featured on Facebook.

And it is in German. Yet the point is clear. Germans have a difficult time getting traditional handguns. AEA Air Guns is now working on this concept, the Airringer. It is a dart pistol.

The idea is ingenious. The dart itself is hollow, and slides over the barrel. It functions like a Nerf gun, in a way. This keeps it from being classified as a firearm.

Behind that barrel is a gas tube that looks like a shotgun shell. These are charged up by a hand-pump, or a compressor. After, they hold that pressure until the shooter pulls the trigger.

My German isn’t what it could be, so I’m hazy on how the firing pin, striking the gas chamber at the rear, releases the gas forward–into the barrel, but as Sprave shows, it works.

The darts rocket down-range with some serious force. The test model has a laser, and it appears that the laser’s calibration is low, but both darts penetrated the plywood backing of the target.

The result is a compact, portable, two shot pistol that could easily be used for self-defense. While it is hardly optimal, it could prove better than nothing.

And becasue it doesn’t have a traditional barrel, it isn’t a gun.

Source: The Tribunist

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