Friday marked the last day for Toys “R” Us stores across the nation. Though the toy store originally began liquidating its inventory in March, many of the stores remained open until the final day. One store, however, wasn’t open during the chain’s last hurrah as an anonymous good Samaritan purchased all of the location’s remaining toys on Thursday.

A staff member from the Toys “R” Us located at Triangle Town Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, stated that a person, who chose to remain anonymous, bought the remaining inventory from the store. According to a report by WFLA, the purchase was worth around $1 million.

The toys purchased by the good Samaritan will be donated to charity, providing a fitting send-off for the store and one of the largest toy retailers in the nation.

While the store didn’t open on the final day, employees did still head to their jobs to pack the toys into boxes and load them onto trucks for the person who made the massive purchase.

Initially, customers who were interested in finding some last minute deals were disappointed to see the store closed, though many were happy once they learned why the doors were locked.

“Oh, that’s so nice. I’m happy to hear that,” said Erin Sampson during an interview.

Danyel Smith, another shopper, stated, “That’s great. I’d like to know who it is.”

At this time, it isn’t clear where the toys will go or how they will be distributed to local children in the Raleigh area.

Toys “R” Us originally filed for bankruptcy in September. Though some attempts to save the chain were made, they were ultimately unsuccessful in the US.

As the 70-year-old company went out of business, all 700 stores in the US were slated to shut their doors on Sunday. Not only does it mark the end of an era, but also the loss of thousands of jobs as Toys “R” Us employees completed their last day.

Source: The Tribunist

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