On Friday, an infant was reportedly sleeping when a rhesus macaque monkey snatched the baby boy and ran off with him. His mother states that she witnessed the event, but was unable to stop the monkey from getting away with her 16-day-old child. The boy wasn’t found until Sunday, and the parents believe the monkey may have killed him intentionally.

The incident took place in India in the eastern state of Odisha. The infant was sleeping under a mosquito net when the monkey, according to a report by the Daily Mail, grabbed the child and took off.

His mother told local police that she witnessed the kidnapping, but was unable to intervene in time.

“The mother is saying she saw a monkey take away her child,” said police sub-inspector S.M. Baral. “She raised an alarm, but the monkey quickly leaped over the roof and vanished out of sight.”

“We launched a search along with forest officers,” said Baral. “[Sunday] the baby was spotted inside the well dead.”

The well belonged to a neighbor in the Talabasta village, located near Cuttack.

Local authorities believe the monkey may have dropped the infant into the well.

A post-mortem shows that the boy drowned, according to Baral.

“Since there were no injury marks on the baby, maybe the monkey dropped him in the well,” Baral stated.

No additional investigation has been launched as the “family is convinced it’s the monkey that killed their child,” said an officer.

Local media reports suggest that monkeys have become a growing problem in the region. In March 2017, Odisha Kendrapada district schools were closed due to frequent monkey attacks.

During the same month, a government employee sustained head injuries, which ultimately led to his death, after a monkey jumped at him from a tree.

Source: The Tribunist

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