There are some life lessons to be learned in this story. To start, if you’re going to rob someone, make sure you can take him. Also, make sure he isn’t a professionally-trained mixed martial arts fighter. One criminal found this out the hard way after he was left bloody and bruised.

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Jose Cortes, who works at Ultima Fitness MMA in West Palm Beach, Florida, was attacked in broad daylight. According to the New York Post, Cortes was minding his own business when a man came up behind him and put him in a choke hold.

Instead of panicking, Cortes remained calm and decided to issue some instant justice.

“When he tried to attack me, then I put him down and this is where I finally put him down until police got here,” Cortes told the Orlando Sentinel. “He came from behind me. … I just kinda held his wrist and put him down. I said, ‘It’s OK guys, I’m a pro fighter.’ Then he gave up.”

He held the criminal down on the ground until local law enforcement arrived on the scene. A police report alleged that the man who had just put Cortes in a choke hold had robbed a nearby restaurant.

There is no clear motive as to why the man chose Cortes. Cortes didn’t mind the attack as he is always prepared for a fight. He just wants people to be wary of their surroundings.

“Be alert because this could happen to anybody that is not as skilled as me,” he said.

According to Tapology, Cortes, who goes by the nickname “The Columbian Necktie,” holds a record of three wins and five losses. He is best known for his superior grappling skills, which was on full display as he held the unnamed man down until police arrived.

See, there are plenty of life lessons. Check out the aftermath of the incident below.

Source: The Tribunist

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