Gun control has become a dividing issue in the United States. As school shootings become more frequent, concern is growing for many. Some have tried to mitigate the violence by turning in their firearms, while others don’t see the need to surrender a firearm they paid good money for. We have seen police officers do it, and now, apparently, so are retired porn stars.

Mai Khalifa has been out of the spotlight for quite some time. She announced her retirement from porn after receiving death threats from ISIS.

However, after the Santa Fe High School shooting, in which the suspect used a shotgun, Khalifa called the Austin, Texas Police Department to surrender her shotgun. It should come as no surprise, Khalifa made sure there were plenty of photos taken of her “good deed.”

On her Instagram, Khalifa is seen shaking hands with a police officer with her caption reading: “It’s symbolic and small, but it’s still something. I urge you to #DoSomething as well. @austin_police couldn’t have made it any easier, if you want to turn in your weapon for safe destruction, call your local police department, they will come pick it up. Or transport it in the trunk of your car and have them come out to retrieve it at the station.”

She added, “I will be donating the gun’s value of $1,500 to the @everytown organization. I want to iterate that I am not against the 2nd amendment. I am against children dying. My empty gun rack is a small price to pay when some parents are living with an empty bed in their children’s rooms.”

Let’s just skip past the part where she claims her Remington 870 is worth $1500. It’s evident that she did this solely for the publicity. She claimed she purchased the firearm after she had received daily death threats from ISIS after she was seen “preforming” in a hijab.

She has been retired from the industry for quite some time now, so this recent stance is confusing.

Why not relinquish your firearm sooner? Why wait until this mass shooting to do something “noble”? Ah, the questions.

Source: The Tribunist

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