Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has condemned American social media as “masters of the universe” for its recent decision to censor incumbent US President Donald Trump across its platforms.

“I don’t like anybody being censored or taking away from the right to post a message on Twitter or Face(book). I don’t agree with that, I don’t accept that,” López Obrador said as reported by the Associated Press.

“How can you censor someone: ‘Let’s see, I, as the judge of the Holy Inquisition, will punish you because I think what you’re saying is harmful,’” the Mexican President noted.

“Where is the law, where is the regulation, what are the norms? This is an issue of government, this is not an issue for private companies.”

The Mexican President, however, refused to comment about the breach in Capitol Hill recently, citing his policy of not interfering with local affairs of other countries — although he lamented the loss of lives from the incidents.

Presidential spokesman Jesús Ramírez also commented that the recent move of social media platforms to censor the American President should prompt a discussion on free speech.

“Facebook’s decision to silence the current leader of the United States calls for a debate on freedom of expression, the free exchange of information on the web, democracy and the role of the companies that administer (social) networks,” he said.

AMLO To Skip Biden Inauguration

Meanwhile, López Obrador said he will be skipping the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden after earlier refusing to congratulate the incoming Democratic president pending the outcome of the election-related lawsuits filed by President Trump.

Nonetheless, the Mexican President’s only overseas trip so far is one to Washington last July to celebrate the signing of the landmark United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA)trade agreement with President Trump.

President Trump also earlier announced he will not attend Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

The Mexican chief executive’s comment comes after Facebook, Twitter and Instagram said on Thursday that they will ban President Trump from using his social media until Inauguration Day.

Since then, however, the social media, who has long been accused of “silencing conservative voices” on its platforms announced that the President is now permanently suspended in the social sites.

Following Twitter’s move, another big tech firm, Google has blacklisted Twitter alternative, Parler, from its Play Store for Android after conservatives flock the social media —  saying the platform will remain suspended until it implements “robust moderation policies.”

Apple has also threatened to remove Parler from its app store unless it filters posts not approved by Apple based on its own policies.

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