A 29-year-old suspect is the object of an intense manhunt after he killed one police officer, critically wounded another, and shot a civilian in what is believed to have begun as an attempt to shoplift from a Home Depot. The suspect shot the officers as they attempted to arrest him at the store.

The incident occurred north of Dallas, Tuesday afternoon. “Police are hunting 29-year-old Armando Juarez in connection with the shooting after he left the scene in a white truck,” The Daily Mail reports.

The police have dogs in the search on the ground, and are using helicopters above in an attempt to locate Juarez.

Witness Mercedes Goledo spoke with Fox about the scene inside the store. “We were just checking out people until we started hearing people like ‘There’s a shooting. They’re shooting,” Goledo said. “From there, they were just telling us to get out of the building. Get out the building. But then they found out that he had went outside.”

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, in an early press conference Tuesday evening, noted that Juarez is “likely to be still armed.”

Officers are also combing the area surrounding the Home Depot, though it is unclear what they are looking for. Some of the officers, reportedly wearing masks, were sifting through a creek behind the store.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the officers who were shot were a man and a woman, both new to the force, both in their twenties. They’d responded to the Home Depot to arrest Juarez on the shoplifting charges when he opened fire.

“We are closely monitoring the situation in northeast Dallas and praying for our officers and their families,”  Mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings tweeted.

Governor Gregg Abbot also weighed in: “Our thoughts and prayers are with @DallasPD and the two officers shot and critically wounded.

“Texas honors all the men and women who protect and serve our communities, and justice will be served.”

So far this year, before this incident, 44 police officers died in the line of duty.

Source: The Tribunist

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